Allison Receives Messianic Aleph/Tav Interlinear Scriptures (MATIS) 5 Volume Set

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Hi Allison, this is such a precious video, thank you! And, thank you for your question! First, hopefully you have watched all the short videos and read the Introductions from the sample PDF's I sent you while waiting on all 5 Volumes of MATIS study bibles to arrive, if not, that is the first places to start. MATIS is not only focused on the AlephTav's but these study bibles have never existed before and take the scriptures to a whole new level, deeper than any interlinear study bibles ever created. All interlinear's require a magnifying glass to read and have the English translation going backward because Hebrew is read from right to left. Well, that's fine if you are fluent in Hebrew but 99% of my audience is not, so to study Hebrew it makes much more sense to have the Hebrew run backward so the English can be easier to read along and easier to study the Hebrew, word by word! These are the only large print interlinear's ever printed and the only interlinear that shows both Paleo Hebrew and block Hebrew together in true interlinear form. The Pashetta New Testament has never been put into interlinear form before and now you can compare the Greek and Aramaic in true interlinear form, for the first time, word by word.

Where to start, that's a good question, because what you hold in your hands will take a lifetime to digest and no other study bible or interlinear bible can compare because you have everything there is to have in a study bible from Genesis to Revelation and if there was anything else I could have added, I would have done so.

Sample PDF links below for each of the MATIS 5 Volume Set:


MATIS (interlinear) WRITING Sample Pdf:…/MATIS-Red-Letter-WRITINGS-…

MATIS (interlinear) PROPHETS Sample Pdf:…/MATIS-Red-Letter-PROPHETS-…

MATIS (interlinear) GOSPELS Sample Pdf:…/MATIS-NT-GOSPELS-76-Pg-Red…

MATIS (interlinear) ACTS - REVELATION Sample Pdf:…/SAMPLE-MATIS-Volume-5-Acts…

C-MATS Sample Pdf:…/C-MATS-MODERN-Red-Letter-4…


1. Introduction to Aleph Tav 2nd EDITION MATS
2. AMPLIFICATION of the Aleph Tav
3. The Aleph-Tav as the Aleph-Bet
5. Aleph Tav in Creation Week
6. Aleph Tav in Sabbath and the Feast Days
7. Aleph Tav in ALL the Everlasting Covenants
8. Aleph Tav in the Sin Offering
9. Is the Aleph Tav a Direct Object Pointer
10. Difference in Biblical and Modern Hebrew
11. Aleph Tav in the Tanakh
12. How the Aleph Tav Speaks to Us
13. Restoration of the Aleph Tav
14. Introduction to the Vav/Aleph/Tav Scriptures Pt 2
15. The Zayin/Aleph/Tav in Scripture
16. The Mem and the Bet/Aleph/Tav in Scripture
17. The Spiritual Significance of the Aleph/Tav
18. The Uniqueness of Biblical Hebrew