SHELACH L’CHA (send for yourself)

The spies return from Canaan

Numbers 13:1 And יהוה spoke to Moses saying, 2 Send men that they may search את־ land of Canaan, which I will give to the Children of Israel, from every tribe of their fathers you will send a man who is a ruler among them. C-MATS

Question: What is the land of Canaan? In Numbers 13:2 the את is before the land of Canaan, which is Israel, because יהוה Father had made a covenant with the land with Abraham through את Yahusha. Please understand that every Covenant יהוה has made with man has been through the presence of את Yahushaand each Covenant is everlasting and with a divine function with the 12 tribes in regard to fulfilling יהוה Father’s purpose on earth. C-MATS

Question: Why was this chapter immediately after the incident of Miriam’s criticism of Moses and her punishment for it? Although the spying mission took place shortly after Miriam’s experience had taught the nation the gravity of malicious gossip, nevertheless, the wicked spies did not learn their lesson and were not deterred from slandering the Land. Chumash

Question: Why were spies sent into the Land, if יהוה had already said that the Land was good? The people came to Moses and asked him to dispatch spies to explore Canaan and report to them. Moses consulted יהוה, Who said, “I have told them the Land is good. [But since they question Me], I will let them test My sincerity, at the risk of being misled and losing their chance to enter the Land.” Moses thought that his willingness to let the people have their way would convince them that they had nothing to fear. He was mistaken; they wanted to hear about the Land from their peers. So he sent the spies. Chumash