The Evolution of Messiah's Name by Bill Sanford

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This video will take you on an accurate journey and prove what are the acceptable names for our Messiah from the scriptures and why scholars for hundreds of years have used these names.

After over 6 years of hard work, I have finally finished, The Messianic Aleph Tav Interlinear Scriptures (MATIS), a 5 Volume Set includes Vol1 TORAH, Vol2 WRITINGS, Vol3 PROPHETS, Vol4 GOSPELS, Vol5 ACTS - REVELATION in SOFT-COVER. (Please check out the sample Pdf links below)

The MATIS Editions are a FIRST on many issues:

1. First to print true interlinear study bibles in LARGE PRINT editions, 8.5x11 for entire bible (Genesis - Revelation).
2. First to combine both Paleo Hebrew and Modern Hebrew together in true interlinear format for entire Tanakh.
3. First time the New Testament Aramaic Peshitta and Pashitto have ever been put in true interlinear format.
4. First to compare both the NT Aramaic Peshitta and NT Greek KJV in interlinear, word for word, verse by verse, side by side.
5. First to publish the Hebrew Tanakh and Aramaic Peshiita to read from right to left in interlinear along with English.
6. First to combine both Aramaic and Modern Hebrew together in true interlinear format word by word, for comparison in Peshitta and Pashitto.
7. First to incorporate the Aramaic pronunciation of Aramaic words in the Peshitta and Pashitto in true interlinear format.
8. First to offer exhaustive study of the Aleph/Tav, and in Red Letter for both Hebrew and Aramaic in interlinear format.

The MATIS Editions also contain Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic word Dictionaries. PDF samples below:

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TORAH Sample Pdf:

WRITING Sample Pdf:

PROPHETS Sample Pdf:

GOSPELS Sample Pdf: