CHUKAT (ordinance of)/ BALAK (Balak)

The Red Heifer

Numbers 19:1 And יהוה spoke to Moses and to Aaron saying, 2 זֹאת This is the ordinance from the Torah which יהוה has commanded:  Tell the Children of Israel to bring you a Red Heifer without spot and blemish and has never been worked: 3 You will give אתָהּ it (her) to Eleazar the priest, so that he may bring אתָהּ it (her) outside the camp and someone will kill אתָהּ it (her) before him. C-MATS

Question:  What is the meaning of the law of the Red Cow? The law of the Red Cow is described as the perfect decree of the Torah, meaning that it is beyond human understanding. The world questions its purpose, but the Torah states that it is a decree of the One Who gave the Torah, and it is not for anyone to question it. Since all laws of the Torah are the products of יהוה‘s intelligence, any human inability to comprehend them indicates the limitation of the student, not the Teacher. There is nothing meaningless or purposeless in the Torah, and if it seems so, it is only a product of our own deficiency. Chumash

Question: How many red heifers have been prepared? Nine red heifers were prepared from the time that the Hebrew people were given this commandment until the Second Temple was destroyed. Moses prepared the first heifer; the second by Ezra, and another seven were prepared from Ezra until the Temple’s destruction. The tenth Heifer will be prepared by the Messiah. Chumash

Question: What is the type and foreshadow of Yahusha in Numbers 19:1-10? This passage concerns the way to kill the את Red Heifer to create the Water for Purification of Sin from the את ashes of the heifer. Again the placement of the את gives insight into a deeper understanding that even the ritual of the preparation of the ashes are a type and foreshadow of events Yahusha would fulfill as Messiah on Calvary. Just as Yahusha was crucified outside the Temple grounds, the Red Heifer is taken outside the camp. The Levites who had the Romans do their dirty work watched as they crucified a man who had done no wrong, and they had His blood on their hands and became unclean, just as the Eleazar became unclean after having the Red Heifer killed before his eyes and sprinkled its blood seven times before the Tabernacle of the Congregation. Even the priest who burned the Red Heifer became unclean, just like the Roman soldiers became unclean for beating, whipping and crucifying an innocent man. The man who then gathers up the ashes also becomes unclean just as those who took Yahusha off the stake and wrapped His body and placed it into the tomb. The combination of cedar wood, hyssop and scarlet combined with the ashes of the Red Heifer create the Water for Purification of Sin (red lye soap), and was a type and foreshadow of Yahusha providing atonement of Sin. Just as Yahusha was completely consumed outside the camp, so the Red Heifer was consumed by fire to ashes. With the bathing of the soap a man becomes physically and ritually clean. Isaiah 1:18 though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow…it all makes a perfect picture of our redemption provided by Yahusha on Calvary that qualified Him as our Messiah.  C-MATS