VAYETZE (and he went out)

Genesis 28:10 Jacob went out from Beer-sheba and went toward Haran (burning anger). 11 And he came upon the certain place and stayed there all night, because the sun had already set; and he took some stones from that place and put them as his pillows and lay down in that place to sleep. C-MATS

Question: Where was that “certain place” that Jacob went? “The place” is Mount Moriah (the “Temple Mount” in Jerusalem, where Abraham had bound Isaac upon the altar and where King Solomon would erect יהוה’s Temple). This is where his father and grandfather had prayed also. Chumash

12 And he dreamed and there was a ladder set up on the earth and the top of it reached to heaven: and the angels of Elohim were ascending and descending on it. C-MATS

Question: Why were the angels going up and down the ladder? The angels, which are יהוה’s agents in carrying out יהוה’s guidance of earthly affairs, constantly go up to heaven to receive His commands and then come back to earth to carry them out through the gate of heaven. Jacob and the Hebrew nation however are under the direct guidance of יהוה who is atop the ladder. We are spoken to directly as led by His Spirit. Chumash

Question: “The world is not יהוה‘s place, rather יהוה is the world’s place.” What do you think that means? יהוה has always existed and is everywhere. The world and the universe for that matter are things He created ‘inside’ of Himself, so to speak. That means that יהוה is the ‘place’ within which everyone and everything exists. Chumash

Question: Do you think יהוה is aware and concerned about the minute details of people’s lives, or just the ‘big events’?  It might at first seem that just as the ‘big events’ tend to interest us more, so, too, it is with יהוה. However, יהוה is infinite, and everywhere and cares so much about each of us that our every positive action, word or thought is a ‘big event’ to Him and gives Him tremendous pleasure.

Question: A great holy-man once wished a group of students who came to him for a blessing that they should be just as concerned of what יהוה thinks of them, as they are what people think. How do you understand this? Even though יהוה is very real and always with us, since He isn’t physical and we can’t see Him it is easy to forget He’s there. The sage was blessing his students that יהוה should be as apparent and immediate in their lives and affect their actions as strongly as people that they could see right in front of them with their eyes.

Spiritual exercise: One time each day – starting today – when you are alone, remind yourself that יהוה is watching you and cares what you do.