VAYERA (and he appeared)

Genesis 18:1 And יהוה appeared to him in the plains of Mamre (vigor/lusty): and he sat in the tent door in the heat of the day (healing from his circumcision). C-MATS

Question: Who came to Abraham first? And יהוה appeared to him (in spirit) in the plains of Mamre. C-MATS

Question: Why did יהוה come to visit Abraham? It was the third day from his circumcision when the wound is most painful and he was the most weakened, and יהוה came and inquired about his welfare. When people carry out great deeds of obedience, יהוה shows himself to them as a token of tribute and honor. Chumash

Question: If a man looks down upon himself, what is a constant sign to him of his covenant with יהוה? The mark of the circumcision should remind a man to walk in the ways of יהוה, so he can receive the blessings of the covenant. When lust overtakes a man, he should look at the mark of the circumcision and keep himself pure before יהוה. Chumash

Question: Why did Abraham long for guests? Abraham was never content with past accomplishments, but he sought to serve יהוה at all times. Abraham’s manner of service was through being kind to people, so he could inspire them with his example to learn about and serve יהוה.

Question: Is ‘the world is built on acts of kindness’ correct? When people work together and try to help each other out, the world transforms into a kinder, happier place and everyone benefits.

Question: Is it good enough to do good deeds as the opportunity comes our way, or should we actively seek them out? It is certainly good to do the good deeds that avail themselves to us, but one who seeks them out becomes a spiritual superman or woman.

Spiritual Exercise: Try to come up with a creative good deed to do. Perhaps something you can lend, free-of-charge, to others.