CHAYEI SARAH (life of Sarah)

Genesis 23:3 Abraham got up from his dead wife and spoke to the sons of Heth saying, 4 I am a stranger and a sojourner (stranger) with you: give me a אחֻזַּת holding of as a burying place, that I may bury my dead wife. C-MATS

Question: How was Abraham expressing the dual role that every believer must play? On the one hand, he is a resident of his country, and as such he must work and pray for its welfare, as Jeremiah urged his people on the threshold of exile (Jeremiah 29:7). But on the other hand, he in this world is always an alien, for his allegiance is to יהוה and his goals are set forth by the Torah. A believer must always be ready to be a lonely alien, resisting the culture that surrounds him and maintaining his unique responsibility (R’ Yosef Dov Soloveitchik).

5 And answered the children of Heth את־ Abraham saying to him, 6 Hear us, my master: אתה you are a mighty prince among us: choose any of our tombs to bury את־ your dead; none of us will withhold from you את־ his tomb, but that you may bury your dead. C-MATS

Question: What is the difference between how Abraham described himself and how the Hittites described him? Abraham said that he was an alien and resident and they addressed him as a mighty prince. Abraham was modest and humble with all men.

Genesis 24:1 And Abraham was old and advanced in age: and יהוה had blessed את־ Abraham in all things. C-MATS

Question: What does the verse mean, “Abraham was old and advanced in age”? When Abraham aged, he did not merely pass through the days of his life: he accumulated them. Each day was fully utilized, so that they were fully possessed by him.

Spiritual Exercise: Do you fully use your days or do you waste your time and not fulfill your purpose everyday? Think of a way you can not waste your time and do it this week.