Revelation Part 14 The Third Trumpet Judgment

The once mighty Roman Empire which had ruled the world was now tottering and while the second trumpet judgment was still raging by Geneseric King of the Vandals there came the sounding of the third Trumpet judgment against the river valleys of the Alpine regions. Y’shua confirms that He is the One behind the fire of destruction that is thrown on the earth and what that means is basically those who reject Him or pervert His message on them will come judgments, conflicts, divisions, wars, and persecutions until they either repent or are destroyed. So, if the Goths brought judgment on the land, in the first trumpet judgment and Vandals by sea and land, in the second trumpet judgment then we are looking for a leader of a nation who would bring further destruction during this exact time in History to the Western Roman Empire and history records that just such a leader came on the scene and fulfilled this prophecy perfectly, his name was Attila the Hun who brought destruction to the river valleys of the Alpine regions of the Empire.