Restoration of Aleph Tav by Bill Sanford

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This video is a short and brief teaching on the historical events that have transpired since the separation of the 12 tribes into two houses recorded in 1 Kings and the demise of the one true faith by the Papacy, prophesied by Paul in Colossians and John in Revelations. It reveals also how the lack of the Aleph tav in our English translation's for hundreds of years has been part of the collateral damage as a result and also the significance of things being restored to our generation. There is one particular slide that viewers need to be cautioned concerning a famous oil painting of torture during the Inquisition. Viewer discretion is advised. The GREATEST biblical discovery in our generation since John's Revelation announced that the Aleph (Alpha) Tav (Omega) character symbol represents Y'shua the Messiah is the fact that His 'mark' is placed throughout the scriptures over 7000 times.
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