Paul told Thessalonians When Antichrist Would Come by Bill Sanford

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Everyone seems to be waiting on the Anti-Christ to come on the world scene and do not realize where this lie came from, in fact, the word Anti-Christ is not even used in the book of Revelation! Paul's second epistle to the Thessalonians confirmed that he understood Daniel's prophecy regarding the rise of the Little Horn was going to be a powerful religious leader that would cause a great falling away from the one true faith and Paul also knew that the coming religious system was being held back from coming into power until Pagan Rome was destroyed. This is clearly explained by Paul in this letter to the Thessalonians. Paul also understood this religious system would attract all those who would refuse to obey Yah's Torah and would rule until Y'shua the Messiah would return, just like Daniel's prophecy confirms. What Paul did not know, was that the institution he prophesied about would last for nearly 1700 years and be called the Roman Catholic Church. If you interpret Paul's prophecy correctly, then both Daniel's prophecy and John's revelation, all fit together perfectly. To watch my teaching on revelation go to or email me for the links at

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