YITHRO (Jethro)

Jethro visits Moses

Exodus 18:1 When heard of Jethro, the priest of Midian, father in law of Moses, את all that Elohim had done for Moses and for Israel his people and that had brought יהוה את־ Israel out of Egypt. C-MATS

Question:  What news did Jethro hear that made such an impression that he came to see Moses? The splitting of the Red Sea and the war with Amalek.

Question: Who was Jethro? He was minister of Midian and former adviser to Pharaoh. He helped Moses organize the nation’s judicial system. His name Reuel was changed to Jether-means addition, because he added to the laws. When he converted to serve יהוה, the letter vav was added to his name, which changed his name from Jether to Jethro. (Chumash)

Question: What was the difference between Jethro and Amalek? Both of them heard about the Exodus, but Jethro reacted by casting his lot with the nation of יהוה, while Amalek became the symbol of treachery and evil by defying יהוה and launching an unprovoked sneak attack on a weak and weary people. Miracles alone do not transform the beliefs of the Amaleks of the world. Those who refuse to recognize the hand of יהוה will always interpret events to suit their own purposes. (Chumash)

Question: Jethro was especially moved by the world-shaking events that the Israelites had encountered during their deliverance from Egypt. Why do you think that יהוה would place a person into a life-shaking situation, like a car accident or death in the family? Every one of us has come into the world to live a meaningful life based on genuine values. Yet the distractions of everyday life can often confuse our priorities, and draw us off course. יהוה then does us the favor of confronting us with intense, life-shaking events that wake us up, and snap us out of some of the illusions that we had fallen into. This leads us to reconsider our priorities, and begin again living for what really matters.