EKEV (Because or heel)

Moses continues his closing address to the children of Israel, promising them that if they will fulfill the commandments of the Torah, they will prosper in the Land they are about to conquer and settle in keeping with יהוה’s promise to their forefathers.

Deuteronomy 7:12 Wherefore, it shall come to pass if you will listen to את judgments (commands) and keep and do אתם them, יהוה your Elohim will keep with you את־ the covenant וְאת־ and the mercy which He swore to your fathers: C-MATS

Question: With what word does this verse begin? “Wherefore” has been translated “because” or “heel”. “Because” you will hearken to יהוה’s commandments, you will receive the reward. The word also means “heel” and alludes to the sort of commandments that people may regard as relatively unimportant, so they tend figuratively to “tread on them with their heels”. Thus, the Torah assures Israel that if they are careful to observe even these neglected commandments, they can be certain that יהוה will reward them with His covenant and kindness. Chumash

Question: What does Moses mean by “את־ the covenant”? The covenant is יהוה‘s oath to Abraham (I will establish את־ My covenant between Me and you and your descendants for all generations as an everlasting covenant, to be an Elohim to you and to your seed. Genesis 17:7). This refers to יהוה‘s special relationship with Israel, whereby His bounty flows directly to His people, without intermediaries. Chumash