Revelation Part 7 – Pale Horse and Rider by Bill Sanford

During Decius (249-251) second year as Emperor history records a disastrous plague ravaged the earth for almost twenty years killing millions. Now with civil war and revolution, economic and agricultural ruin, and heavy taxes and poverty, the next phase is the complete breakdown of the Roman society. Famine and disease swept the empire and barbarians on Rome’s borders pressed in from all sides raping and pillaging. There is even an account of the Nazarenes being accused of being responsible for the great increase of attacks upon the population by wild beast and thus their persecution knew no end. Gibbons as quoted by Barns estimated that up to 5,000 people a day were dying from sword or famine in the city of Rome alone between 248 and 296 AD. It is estimated that over one-fourth of the population of the Roman Empire was swept away in these years, thus fulfilling the Pale Horse prophecy perfectly. Historian Eusebius (EH III:vi) stated that “Death waged a desolating war with …famine and pestilence…Men wasted away to mere skeletons…They fell down in the streets…Some were already food for dogs.”