VAYIGASH (and he drew near)

Joseph reunites with his brothers

Genesis 44:18. Then Judah came close to him and said, Oh my master, let your servant please speak a word in my master’s ears and let your anger not burn against your servant: because you are equal to Pharaoh. C-MATS 

Question:  Who sacrificed his life to save Benjamin? Judah

Genesis 44:19 My master asked את־ his servants saying, Have you a father or a brother? 20 And we said to my master, We have a father, an old man and a child of his old age and his brother is dead and he alone is left from his mother and his father loves him. 21 And you said to your servants, bring him down to me that I may set my eyes upon him. 22 And we said to my master, The boy cannot leave את־ his father: because if he should leave את־ his father, his father would die. C-MATS 

Question: How does verse 22 foreshadow the House of Judah?Jacob (Israel) sits in a position of authority over the 12 sons as את, and eventually they will have to confront Jacob and confess what they have sworn never to tell him under penalty of death to each other that they were responsible for getting rid of Joseph. This is also a type and foreshadow of the House of Judah one day realizing what they did to Yahusha and having to both confess and seek forgiveness before our heavenly Father. C-MATS

Question: Why did Judah offer himself as a slave in place of Benjamin? יהוה deals with man measure for measure: because Judah had sold Joseph into slavery, he was now compelled to offer himself to Joseph as a slave. Chumash

Question: How did Joseph know that his brothers had repented? So Judah, being very willing to undergo anything whatever for the deliverance of his brother, cast himself down at Joseph’s feet and earnestly labored to pacify his anger. All his brethren also fell down before him, weeping, and delivering themselves up to destruction for the preservation of the life of Benjamin. Josephus

Question: Judah thought that the Viceroy of Egypt was being unfair to him and his brothers. What thoughts can a person have at the time he feels he is being cheated or taken advantage of that can help him react in a spiritual way? There is a powerful two-part secret that we can all use to help us in this situation. The secret is that (a) יהוה set up the world in a way that nobody can take advantage of us in any way unless יהוה allows him to do so, and (b) if יהוה is allowing him, it must mean that in some hidden way it is for our ultimate best that this happens. This thought will immediately calm us down and give us a fresh perspective to handle whatever comes our way.