The Yah-Head by Bill Sanford

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The Hebrew name YAH is actually very scriptural and used 50 times in the Tanakh. The term Yah-head is explained from scripture as pertaining to Father and Son. I put this video together to explain this word, but, in short, I do not like the word "God-head" for many reasons. It reminds me of the trinity...I don't care for the word "God"... and most all pagan religions use God-head as well but Yah-Head speaks to the "Father and Son" working together as ONE, whose names both begin with the same Hebrew letters, Yah. Father gave me this word as a gift to describe in more detail the Hebrew word "Elohim". To contact me email me at Please also visit me on FB and become my friend at You may also visit my friend Truett's web site who has posted more of my Torah Thoughts to video at