The Difference in Biblical and Modern Hebrew by Bill Sanford

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What this video expresses is the fundamental difference in Biblical Paleo Hebrew and Modern Hebrew, in the creation of Hebrew Words and can only further prove the validity that the Aleph Tav is far more than a direct object pointer in Paleo Hebrew Grammar because the symbol would have a meaning as a pictorial word picture, just as all Biblical Paleo Hebrew words.

To my critics I would like to say, you cannot have it both ways...if Biblical Paleo Hebrew was a pictorial language, and words were created by the separate meanings of each letter when combined, then the Aleph Tav had profound meaning as "strength of the covenant" and added emphasis to the LIVING language Hebrew! The GREATEST biblical discovery in our generation since John's Revelation announced that the Aleph (Alpha) Tav (Omega) character symbol represents Y'shua the Messiah is the fact that His 'mark' is placed throughout the scriptures over 7000 times.

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