The Aleph-Tav in the Creation Week by Bill Sanford

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The Aleph Tav is used an amazing 21 times throughout the 6 days of creation! If you think that John builds his case only from Genesis 1:1, you would be missing the majority of the proof which John had to have seen, for Genesis 1:1 is where John only begins to build his case. The rest of the evidence is where the Aleph Tav's are located throughout the creation week, which proves that everything that was created by יהוה Father was both with and through את Y'shua. The GREATEST biblical discovery in our generation since John's Revelation announced that the Aleph (Alpha) Tav (Omega) character symbol represents Y'shua the Messiah is the fact that His 'mark' is placed throughout the scriptures over 7000 times.
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