Revelation Part 11-The Seventh Seal by Bill Sanford

The Seventh Seal is unique, in that it is sub-divided into Seven Trumpets, and the LAST three of these Trumpets are described as Three WOES. The first 6 Seals, as we have seen, clearly described rise and fall of the Pagan Roman Empire as judgment for the slaughter of millions of Torah observant Nazarenes. Now we will see that the opening of the 7th Seal by Y’shua actually releases the 7 angels who will blow the 7 trumpets. Again, this continues to show the order in which the prophecies were written, is the order the judgments will be fulfilled on the earth against the governments and people that make up the Babylonian Harlot system who persecute and murder Fathers chosen covenant people, Israel. We will now begin to see that the FIRST 4 TRUMPETS of the 7th Seal will describe the judgments against the Western Roman Empire by the 4 great invasions of the Visigoths, the Vandals, the Huns, and finally Odoacer, king of the Heruli and the Western Goths, who finally conquered Rome in 476 AD and brought the 1200 year reign of the Western Empire of Rome to an end. This was the area from which the future Ten Kingdoms, symbolized in Daniel’s visions as Ten Horns on the Beast and Ten Toes on the feet of the Metallic Image would emerge. These first 4 trumpet judgments range from approximately 395 to 476 AD.