Body and Bride: Torah Thought for the Day by Bill Sanford

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The audio was originally recorded in 2011 for Radio Station T2N. I have struggled, as I am sure many of us have, with the question, "why isn't every believer that has truly experienced messiah's saving grace being convicted about keeping Sabbath?" I am sure this question is something all believers who have returned to our Hebraic roots as taught by the apostles have struggled to find an answer for. Now, regardless of what reason's you may have thought as to why so many are not convicted in the slightest about keeping Sabbath and coming out of Babylon...the fact remains that Y'shua warned us there would be those among us that would teach against the keeping of His commandments and He said in Matt 5:19 they would be called least in the kingdom. But what I want to share with you is the fact that there may actually be a difference between believers that are in the kingdom and those that are chosen to be the bride. Point being that there could actually be TWO distinct groups, both in the kingdom but having two different destinations.