AMPLIFICATION of the Aleph Tav by Bill Sanford

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Amplification of any Hebrew word means to explore all its possible meanings. In this video I share that firstly the Aleph Tav is the "symbol" or "mark" of the "strength of the covenant". Which is how it incorporates the mediator of all the covenants, Y'shua. The "mark" further becomes the "mark" of "man" because we are created in His image and this is confirmed is the Hebrew writings that make up pronouns. Come with me on a short journey where I try to simplify the divine subject of the Aleph Tav. The GREATEST biblical discovery in our generation since John's Revelation announced that the Aleph (Alpha) Tav (Omega) character symbol represents Y'shua the Messiah is the fact that His 'mark' is placed throughout the scriptures over 7000 times.
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