Is the Aleph Tav a Direct Object Pointer by Bill Sanford

This short video is an attempt to differentiate between the belief that the Aleph Tav is nothing more than a physical Hebrew Grammar mark pointing out the direct object and/or as a spiritual sign which points to what acclaimed rabbis taught for thousands of years, as a mark of the Divine Hand which defined Elohim and points to amplification and divine intention and also how I feel it relates and connects to Y’shua the messiah. Remember this….any admission that the A/T is divine, is evidence that it MUST include the Yah-head and consequently Y’shua. This is why the powers-to-be fight so hard that the A/T has NO spiritual significance whatsoever and this is proven false by virtue of the fact that the placement of the A/T is by “subject matter” and consequently why it is left out of 75% of the Tanakh and if it is placed by “subject matter” it is an admission of it’s connection to the “divine”. There is no escaping this fact!